Science Internship Day 2022 Schedule

Saturday September 17th, 2022

Table of Contents


Following opening remarks, presenters and markers will distribute among assigned presentation rooms. Guests and members of the audience are encouraged to move between presentation rooms at appropriate times, as desired.  Stretch break is noted below.

The main room will be monitored for the duration of Science Internship Day.  If you require assistance, you can leave your breakout room and return to the main room to ask a question in the chat.

 NOTE: This is a WIDE table - please scroll sideways to see the entire schedule! 

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How to Join the Event

Use any of the join links in the schedule above to join the event. 

If you are prompted for a passcode upon entering a room, type in 684557.

Once the welcome session completes and the presentations begin, click the Breakout Rooms button in Zoom:

Zoom Breakout Rooms button

Then, click Join beside the room you wish to join:

Join Room

Moving Between Breakout Rooms

Please feel free to move between rooms to view other presentations as the day progresses.  To do so, click the Breakout Rooms button again and select another room to join.

If you require assistance during the event, you can return to the main room to ask for help.  To do so, click the Leave Room button:

Leave button

Then, select Leave Breakout Room:

Leave Breakout Room button